Better Balance


Reiki treatments: 

Reiki is an ancient healing technique to restore and harmonize our body. The word Reiki is derived from the Japanese word life force energy. Life force energy needs to flow freely through the human body to stay in total balance. In our fast paced society, we tend to ignore the messages of our body. When we worry, doubt and fear, the same emotions are being revived over and over again. Emotions change the chemical balance of our body and it's hormonal output, so reviving the same emotions can gradually cause blockages in the free flow of our inner energy. Reiki assists in moving our energy freely again. A Reiki treatment facilitates a deep state of relaxation, in which our energy is raised to accelerate our innate healing ability and clear blockages. This is mostly felt as a sense of warmth, tingling or muscle twitching that may shift from place to place around the body. The benefits of Reiki are numerous; Reiki can reduce anxiety, depression and be effective for relaxation, pain management, and enhanced well-being over-all. This makes Reiki also appropriate as a general tune-up in times of "normal" health. A treatment  takes about one hour and is 850 Thai Baht.

Reiki courses: 

It is also possible to learn and practice how to treat yourself with Reiki and how to pass Reiki on to others within a three-day-course practitioners level. You receive special attunements to open up to the channel of Universal life force energy and the Reiki symbols. As Reiki is directly in proportion to the extent of how open you are, you will receive plenty of guidance on how to have an active part in your own personal growth. You receive a certificate of completion and a training manual with further reading. For the more advanced practitioners there is a course master level available. Courses are 6000 Thai Baht.


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Yoga classes also available